Middle East Trading Company

Middle East trading Company(Yemeni Closed Stock Company "CSC") (METCO) was established in 24th' January1970. It offers comprehensive trading services. METCO is dedicated to providing customers with quality products by importing, marketing and distributing of consumer goods, food stuff, furniture, electrical and electronic home appliances and residence/industrial power tools. METCO also have chain operations at various locations in Yemeni markets through seven (7) branches indifferent provinces in The Republic of Yemen. It has extensive network of a team of highly skilled sales professionals, distribution vans and warehouses of their own.

Policy and quality objectives for the Middle East Trading Company (METCO), which has been assessed and conforms to the Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001 - 2000 :
Middle East Trading Company (METCO) is committed to provide high quality and well reputed products with distinguished service to meet consumer requirements, and to help protecting the environment for safer and healthier society. METCO is equally committed to continuous improvement in performance and customer service, and to enhance its capacity of marketing internationally reputed products to the entire society.

Our policy is realised through the following quality objectives:
1. Fulfill customer’s needs beyond their anticipations.
2. Support decision making process with essential data and analytical studies.
3. Continuous improvement in performance and QMS.
4. Upgrade efficiency and competence of employees.
5. Contribute to the progress and development of society.
6. Diversify and expand company activities.

he scope of Quality Management System at Middle East Trading Co., is applicable to the following:
1.Procurement, Marketing, Sales and Distribution of Food Products, Furniture, Sanitary Ware, Personal Care Products, Perfumes & Cosmetics.
2.Electrical and Electronics Home Appliances and Residence and Industrial Power Tools.
3.Sourcing of Raw Material Required For our Sister Companies.