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14 - MAY - 2013 , TUE 11:01 AM
You do not need to extend the pipe in the form of ice dispenser tank Ice dispenser allows you evolving from Hitachi enjoy the fresh snow and water to drink in anytime you want, without a hitch . Just fill mineral water in the large tank with a capacity of 4 liters , and you will be the formation of ice automatically Extremely Large Capacity With its low - Earth with a unique built - in evaporator , provide Thaljtna the large storage spaces and amazing depth of 600 mm , which makes them ideally commensurate with modern kitchen decor . Third compartment for fresh vegetables Completely independent operating room to prevent the transmission of smells and are always full of clean air that passes through the filter Nano Titanium . And works effective indirect cooling also to maintain the optimum high humidity by 90 % to ensure the survival of fresh vegetables . Features ● by inverter control system ● Distributor Snow and water tank in the form of ● independent vegetable compartment ● cooling اإلى the below zero MINUS-ZERO ● blue digital display ● xenon lamp ● Tempered Glass shelves ● Filter Nano Titanium ● automatic ice maker ● alarm leak cold

Clean and Clear

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This products comes in a white tube with a blue lid, like most of clean & clear products.The product claims “The 100% oil free formulation balance skin moisture and soothes dry areas. Also helps prevents blemishes”. Pros: Moisturize perfectly for any skin type. Oil free formulation, an added plus. Non greasy. Very Soothing. Absorbs and lock the moisture. Doesn’t breaks your skin. Makes your skin soft. Very cheap and easily available. Can carry easily.


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We have more than 120 years of heritage, but it’s our innovation that has made us a world leader in speciality drinks that refresh the mind and body. So when other energy drinks were waiting to be thought of, the makers of SHARK, had already made its mark on the energy market. Over the years, independent taste tests against the leading competitor continually show that consumers prefer the taste of SHARK Energy Drink! SHARK does not only satisfy a frenzied thirst, but with its fruiter taste, has also become a well-established mixer. It’s available in a number of variations including carbonated, sugar-free and even non-carbonated. Unlike most other brands that use artificial caffeine, SHARK uses natural caffeine from coffee beans and together with other ingredients; it provides a sustained release of inner energy. This and natural flavourings make it fruitier and more refreshing than other energy drinks.


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The technique is designed Gillette Fusion Brogalayd the men to give the highest possible level of comfort when shaving the opposite direction of hair growth, thanks to:   Precision cutting blades down and flowing strongly through the hair cut less. A Microcomb technology that helps guide the hairs about the code, which means cut with less force.   Gold holds a number of implications and represents a standard of excellence, but the time has come to see the gold standard in shaving opposite direction of hair growth, thanks to the new gold version of the blade Gillette Fusion Brogalayd.