Our History

1938 :
Aden city , the capital of the ex-southern Yemen , witnessed the early beginnings of the Group’s activities with an initiative from the late Hayel Saeed Anam and his brothers, in trading field . The beginning was humble . It started with distributing consumer goods . Then , the activities were developed to became a part of the movement of import , export and general agencies’ in Aden .
1947 :
The first move in the Group’s expansion towards the northern part of Yemen “Hodeidah” has started. Then a gradual expansion has started to cover several cities in ex-Northern parts of Yemen .

1952 :
The Group acquired its distinctive trading name in the trading circles locally and abroad as “Hayel Saeed Anam & Co.”

1960- 1968 :
The Group’s activities were focused on the trading & service sectors through the two companies : Hayel Saeed Anam Trading Company and the Middle East Shipping Company .

1969 :
The civil Governor of Aden took a decision to banish the late Haj Hayel Saeed Anam to the ex-Northern Yemen .

1970 :
- The Group’s center of activity has moved from Aden to Taiz city . The Group established , in Taiz , the first manufacturing company . owned by the privet sector in Yemen . It is called Yemen Company for Industry and Commerce . The workforce of this company was only (120) person (now 1700 person) . It started with only one sweet factory but now it houses 4 factories with (20) production lines . - The Group’s charitable and civil work has been organized through the set up of “ The Charitables society of Hayel Saeed Anam & Co. ”

1970 - 1985 :
The Group’s general activities had grown and increased to the double in all sectors ( manufacturing , trading and service ) on the local level and in a number of Governorates . Six new manufacturing companies and four trading & service companies have been set up .

1974 :
The foundation of the first seeds of the Group’s manufacturing & trading activities abroad : in the Arabian Gulf which represented the first move of the external activities towards the overseas – U.K .

1985 :
The Group began investing in agriculture and livestock . For this purpose, the Group set up the “Yemeni company for the Agricultural & Livestock Development” –Sordod- with the technical cooperation of the French company B.R.L .

1987 :
Strengthening the Group’s manufacturing activities abroad by setting up “The National Company for Manufacturing Biscuit and sweets in Saudi Arabia“ .

1990 :
The founder of the Group Haj Haeyl Saeed Anam passed away in his place of birth – Qaradh village – Taiz Governorate .

1994 :
Structuring the export and promotional activities of the Group in the foreign markets . To fulfill that , the Group set up Al-Saeed Trading Company .

1996 :
Declaring the establishment of the late Haj Hayel Saeed Anam’s Award for Sciences and Arts in commemoration of the founder of the Group . - Enhancing the Group’s civil activities by establishing Al-Saeed Foundation for Sciences & Culture to be the first and the largest scientific and cultural foundation supported by the private sector.

1987- 2004 :
The diversity of the Group's investment portfolio to include nearly 21 industrial and commercial activity and service distributed to 37 companies and institutions in Yemen the most recent National Cement Company and 18 companies abroad. The march continued, God willing .....