Right from the beginning, the Givenchy image has been associated with colour and gaiety.
Through its makeup lines, the company has played an even larger role in women’s intimate lives.

Under artistic director Nicolas Degennes, Givenchy le Makeup has combined innovative colours and formulas with complete control of light effects. Over 150 Givenchy makeup references are based on its famous Prisme principle, and each season the line is enriched with fashionable new products and limited editions.
The highly refined compact cases, decorated with the 4G logo in different colours, have become cult objects that are easy to use and always handy, offering a modern, natural way to apply makeup.

Glitter Eye shadow palettes Shades
The Bollywood vision of the sari, embroidered with mirrors and gold.
A wealth of precious beauty in Maharani Silver and Maharani Gold.

Limited Edition
Luminous cheek powder Shades
Limited Edition Luminous cheek powder Shades Two shades, orange and pink, guided Nicolas Degennes in his inspiration for the entire collection.
- Pink for a touch of sweetness and demure femininity:N°43 Maharani Pink.
- Orange for the earth, omnipresent in all its shades and variations: N°44 Maharani Orange.

Satin Lipstick
Irresistible colour
Earth and henna, so much a part of India, inspired N°40 Maharani Rose
and N°41 Maharani Henna.

Face & Eye Powder 9-Colors.
Two palettes:
- N°21 Maharani Pinks to brighten fair complexions.
- N°22 Maharani Apricots tinged with orange to flatter darker and tanned complexions.
The vibrant heart of India. Earthen shades. Sunsets that illuminate palace façades…
a yearning for clear light.

History does not mention it, but Ganesh no doubt wanted so many arms in order to have more fingernails!
N°161 Maharani Pink and N°162 Maharani Tangerine can be applied in one coat for a semi-transparent result, in two coats for a more intense colour, or even combining the two shades to adorn the nails with a line, a dot or a bindi.
Must Have New Catalog Product

Intense eye crayon
The enchanting eyes of the Orient.
Nicolas Degennes reinterprets kajal, a makeup product that has been used by Oriental women for thousands of years.
Shade With a single stroke, enchantment is ensured by the blackest pigment, Carbon Black, delivered by a "Jumbo" pencil.
Shade N°1 Magic Black.
How to use ?Unlike Magic Khôl, Magic Kajal is to be used on the inner eyelid.And once you put it on, let it blend freely — the line changes subtly as the day goes on.
Existing Catalogue Products to complete the Collection

Powder Foundation, Absolute Matte Finish
The matching shade of the collection is:
N°14 Mat Pearl

Eyebrow Design & Eye Makeup.
This clever beauty kit for the eyes has it all: a brow shaper, an eye shadow and eyeliner.

Volume Mascara
Magnetic Eyes
The matching shade of the collection is:
N°1 - Extreme Black
Discover the range : Captiv'Eyes

Waterproof Lip Liner Pencil
The shades to complete the look of the collection :
The shades to complete the look of the collection :
N°10 Lip Rose
N°04 Lip Orange

Lip Gloss Crystal.
The matching shade of the collection is:
N°415 Glitter Pink
N°414 Glitter Orange
Discover the range : Pop Gloss Crystal