Fratelli Onofri is a registered trademark of Terim S.p.a. Located in Madena of Italy, Terim commenced business in 1961 as a manufacturer of free standing cookers and heating appliances.

The initial production program consisted mainly of wide free standings gas cookers, heaters and gas stoves. these remained the chief products of the range until the end of 70s when the company decided to focus on the production of cooking appliances only and a more export-oriented sale, policy started to take place.

In the early 90s Terim started manufacturing appliances under license to several major international appliances companies. this played a keyrole in the outstanding growth the company has had during the last 10 years.

Today the company has 3 main production factories for a total production capacity of nearly 1 million pcs. per year. All factories employ the latest technology to ensure quality that customer demands.