Latest NewsMiddle East Trading Company (METCO) - pass with overall superiority the surveillance audit of the Quality Management System for the fifth time

02 - AUG - 2009 , SUN 05:38 PM
Middle East Trading Company (METCO)achieved concrete steps in the application and development of the Total QualityManagement; The company is undergoing an annualsurveillance audit of the Qualitywhich being done by the accredited company of "ISO 9001" INTEGRATED QUALITY PVT. LTD.
eam of Auditors of the accredited company has conducted surveillance according to the specification of "ISO 9001:2000", a standard international system which includes the application of Total Quality Management in the all divisions of head office & branches.

The ISO Certified companies subject to periodic surveillance by the accredited company, to make sure the continuity of compliance with ISO standards and to ensure the development and continuous improvement.

The surveillance results in this round shows a significant development if compared by previous year; and didn't result any non-conforming cases this year and includes only limited number of observations and recommendations.

Auditors this year perceive evolution in the quality management system that applied in the company, and paid tribute to the efforts to enhance the quality of performance by means of measurement in which the company using to measure the performance of the different activities.

The head of the auditors at the closing meeting and on the presence of the higher managements, all managers and heads of divisions signify that the company continues to implement Total Quality Management in accordance with the standards and requirements of "ISO:9001" version 2000.

Middle East Trading Company "METCO"

Policy and quality objectives for the Middle East Trading Company (METCO), which has been assessed and conforms to the Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001-2000:
Middle Eat Trading Company (METCO) pledges to Provide high-quality and world-renowned products meet the requirements of current and prospective customers, It also reaffirms its commitment to continuous development in performance and customer service and maintain the health of the environment and the safety of the community.

Our policy is achieved through the following quality objectives:

* The provision and distribution of products in line with the environmental health and

safety of the community.

* Satisfaction and loyalty of clients and to perform work to meet their ongoing basis.

Analysis of customer complaints and take appropriate action to make improvements &

to reduce the problems.

* Continuous training to improve the efficiency and skills of those working in the

company. Promote a spirit of work as one team.

* Analysis of Market guidance to cope with work.